Monday, January 14, 2008

Featured Bride Ashley- The Honeymoon

Ashley and Brad are one of those lucky couples who actually get to take a honeymoon. Sometimes after the cost of the wedding or even without it you just cannot find the funds. It is totally fine to take a break later (my husband and I finally managed a trip two years later!)too. Ashley however has long dreamed of visiting their post-wedding destination- Atlantis! Here's what she had to say.

Vicky- How did you decide on the place?

Ashley- I actually found out about Atlantis from a television show (and it is featured in the recent motion picture Casino Royale). I did some online browsing and fell in love with the place. I’ve talked to a few people who have been there and they loved Atlantis. Brad and I wanted to go to a tropical/beach place for our honeymoon and this was perfect! It has it all, beach, pools, casino, shopping, food, history, etc.

V- Sounds wonderful! Are you going right after the wedding and for how long?

A- We leave on the Monday right after the wedding and come back on the following Saturday.

V- That is a nice little trip and enough time to refresh yourself after all the wedding hullabaloo. Did you have to compromise on anything regarding the location or any other part of the trip?

A- We didn’t really have to compromise on anything. It looked like we would have to compromise on the meal plans at first, but Atlantis did away with them so now it is not an issue. We can eat anywhere we choose.

V- That's good. I looked at those for my family and they were a tad on the expensive side and limiting. Any special things you will do while there?

A- Well I’m looking into swimming with the dolphins. Brad doesn’t really care if he does it but I’m just extremely excited about swimming with the dolphins. He bought me a camcorder for Christmas to take on our honeymoon so he says he will videotape me while I’m playing with the dolphins. It’s expensive but what a once in a lifetime opportunity. Other than that we plan to do the normal vacation stuff, sleep, eat, drink, sunbathe, relax, drink, eat, gamble, shop, did I mention eat and drink? I’m excited!

V- That sounds incredibly fun! Can't wait to see pictures! With three months left to go Ashley will be really busy and this trip will surely be a way to ease her and Brad's wedding tensions. We'll check back with her soon to see how the rest of the wedding planning is faring. I hear the invitations are less than traditional...

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Mrs. NearlyWed said...

This was my honeymoon destination as well. You will absolutely love it! Walk every beach and dip in every pool. We gave all the sharks cute nicknames. You will have a blast. Make sure you place a bet in the casino too!