Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Any bride out there who thinks she can wear sneakers or flip-flops to her wedding because "no one will see them anyway," think again. Your feet will be seen. In the photographs of you getting ready. When you're walking. When you're sitting down. When you dance. And you do those things a lot over the course of the wedding. It's not all standing at the altar and standing for portraits.

If you are wearing a sundress for a beach ceremony, then yes, certain flip-flops are acceptable. If you are an Olympic gold medalist in track and field, then sneakers may qualify as whimsical. But if you are wearing a long wedding gown and your groom is wearing a suit or tux, then your event is formal enough to warrant nice shoes. (Are you making your bridal party wear nice shoes? Then you should suck it up and do it, too.)

They don't need to be high heels, and they shouldn't be if they'll make you physically uncomfortable. There are millions of nice flats and sandals on the market, and in all price points, so there's really no excuse for not finding a pair.

I had the same attitude and I was agonizing over my shoe choices. But ultimately I'm glad I took the time to find the right pair of sandals. Comfortable, a little bit of heel. (And ubiquitous enough as a white summer sandal that I will wear again.) My photographer loved them, loved my toenail polish color, and loved my ankle tattoo, so lots of pictures were taken of that area that I thought no one would see. And you know what? One of my favorite pictures from the evening is of my foot! I was going to wait and publish this post once I have all the jpgs to sort through and I could include my favorite shoe photo. But Mike and I found my foot on our photographer's website last night. It's the bottom right photo. See? That's why you should wear nice shoes for your wedding.


LadyAsh said...

Actually I am wearing tennis shoes for the reception. I'm searching for a nice pair of shoes for the wedding but the tennies shoes are bought and ready to go for the reception (in their box tucked away so they stay white). They are certainly part of my personality and I am completely comfortable with being pictured in them and having people talk about them. I am also completely comfortable with my bridesmaids changing int to whatever type of shoes (tennis shoes, boots, flip flops, slippers, etc) for the reception that they want. Its about being yourself and being comfortable to me.

Lauren said...

Cool photo!

I bought a pair of pink (with flowers) Converse All-Stars to wear during the reception. And there is a great picture of my foot, on my brother's knee, as he ties my shoe for me. :)