Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Princess Gowns

We here at Flaming Tulle missed the boat in terms of the excitement of Disney princess inspired gowns last spring. (I was a little busy with my own gown. And we both dislike Disney.) So, here you go. Disney Bridal. I think they are nice gowns, but don't see what's so princess inspired about them, other than the fact that all wedding gowns are supposed to make a woman feel like a princess. They are the top of the totem pole for Disney branding. A baby girl can sleep in her Disney princess nightgown from birth, then get married in her Disney princess gown. (And you have kids, more lil' Disney consumers!) At least the prices aren't so bad though. That's a pleasant surprise.

But take a look at some real princess gowns.

Princess Diana

Princess Grace

Too bad only about 5 people in the world can afford those kinds of princess dresses. I'm pretty sure, though, that you can find a nice, affordable wedding dress without the Disney princess branding.

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