Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's Big in 2008

I spent an afternoon browsing bridal magazines one day at my local book emporium. To say that there is an abundance of magazines for brides-to-be is an understatement. I nearly lost my head trying to figure out which one to pick up first. I decided to forgo the common Modern Bride, Brides and even the local glossy pieces. I went straight for the high-end magazines because much like to couture these ideas will trickle down into the main stream bridal industry in the next year or so and the photo quality of these magazines cannot be beat.

Here are some of the very hot trends and ideas for weddings this season and quite possibly the next few-

1. Clear chairs (typically made from some form of plastic) at the reception. This is a great concept as it is very modern and makes it easy to utilize and bring out other colors at your tables and around the room. Using colored plastic chairs is another big idea. It gives the table a nice jeweled look.

2. Spring Green. It's everywhere! From the use of leaves and stems in centerpieces and bouquets to actual swags of fabric hanging from walls, ceilings and draped around a room this color is hot! It often is accompanied by a nice stark black and white contrast. It pairs well with cream too for a softer less dramatic look.

3. Move over aqua and make way for periwinkle. This color is showing up far and wide. It looks gorgeous paired with brown too. It feels cozy yet elegant all at the same time and looks amazing in a rustic candlelight church setting or at a sunny beach reception. I love it in bridesmaids dresses too.

4. Jet. This type of beading is everywhere in fashion this spring so why not in the bridal world? It can be seen adorning dresses for the bridal party, hanging from chandeliers at the reception and even adorning cakes. This pretty black bead is especially nice when it is paired with a baroque patterned linen on a table.

5. Baby's breath. Quite shocking I know since this 1970-80's filler flower of choice has seen some sad times of late. No one would touch the stuff until now. However, it is only used alone. In short and bunched pieces it looks great in a spring green theme. Use it in tiny bud vases in a tight bunch and it looks fabulous as a tiny gathering around a larger centerpiece.

6. Black Cala Lilies. Need I say more? These flowers were at my own wedding and I still love them. They look stunning in a bouquet, carried alone, in a centerpiece or adorning a cake. They are elegant, smart and timeless.

7. Asian inspired themes- from the use of Chinese symbols on cakes to dragons on an invite, this theme is popping up all over. Bamboo on the table for good luck? Why not! I have even seen it used as edging on a cake as well.

8. The use of silver wire as an accent for flowers. This is very modern. It looks phenomenal wrapped around a bouquet and has an edge to it that satin ribbon just can't compete with.

As always with the spring and summer weddings there is the use of nature, colors that pop and the outdoors being brought inside. Using anyone of these ideas your wedding will have a very fresh feeling about it that will look visually stunning in photographs.

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