Friday, February 22, 2008

Weddings from Hell

I never watch Dr. Phil, or even pay attention to what's on his show or what he's up to. So that's why it's escaped me that he's been doing wedding-themed shows all week long. The series culminates in today's "Hell Wedding." Now, that's something that I probably have to watch. What sort of wedding blogger would I be otherwise?

“My wedding was hell because my husband showed up to our wedding drunk. It was completely disastrous,” says Janae. “I tried to call him because he was late, and he was stumbling over his words. I was panicked. I was a nervous wreck.”

This is not what you want on your wedding day, no matter how traditional or anti-bride you might be.

Check your local listings! It's going to be awesomely gruesome, I'm sure.

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LadyAsh said...

Brad mentioned this to me. He was going to dvr Dr. Phil today just to watch it and laugh.