Thursday, February 21, 2008

Featured Bride Ashley- In a Whirlwind of Wedding Planning

With a little over a month, left until the big day Ashley’s world has become one filled with wedding activities. Each day seems to bring something new to do, let alone her weekends, which are full of upcoming events such as her bridal shower, bachelorette party and more. We checked in with her to see how she is faring, what is new, been accomplished and how she is feeling about the event as a whole.

Vicky: Hi Ashley, what is new?

Ashley: A lot! Wedding stuff is really going now. The invitations went out last week. We have begun getting RSVP’s back – so far, all yeses.

Sunday after church Brad, Heather (Ashley’s sister), John (her BIL) and I headed up to North Arlington for a dance lesson. It was fun and we learned the basic steps for the Fox Trot, which will work with our song. Now we just have to practice a bit and see if we can get one more lesson in before the wedding. My shoes were killing me though so I need to purchase some gelly inserts, despite wearing them around the house to break them in. Ugh! Brad and I did a good job dancing. Heather and John did also but Heather kept trying to turn it into a Texas 2-step which they just laughed at. I was proud that Brad and I got it and got it good. They even gave us a little entrance and ending bit to do which should be funny. Brad almost dropped me because I was not centered on him at first.

I ordered the Mother’s presents on Friday so they should be in within the next 2 weeks. The wedding favors are on order and will arrive in March. My signature plate will ship at the end of this month. I have to finish the other two bridesmaid’s gifts and give to dad to put on the findings that will take an hour max. I have my appointment to get my hair trail run on March 11 also going to get our wedding license that day! I am going to pick up the information for the honeymoon; the DJ has the music list and will be calling soon to meet with us to go over the last bit. The church is now all set.

V: Whew! That leaves me breathless. It is a lot of work, tasks to complete and small things to remember at this point but it must be exciting and fun too. It sounds like it is really coming together.

A: There’s more! Brad and I are going to Famous Dave's tonight to talk with them about catering the rehearsal dinner. Gift bags are slowly coming together. I need to steam my crinoline and hang that up with my dress. Flowers should be calling in about 3 weeks to give final numbers and such.

V: You are really getting into the detailed parts of wedding planning now. How are you feeling about it all? Excited? Nervous?

A: Mom said to me last night, “So are you excited that your shower is next weekend?” and I was like “Oh yea that is next weekend”. I am wondering if I am a bad bride – I am not all nervous or stressed out about things. I keep getting asked if I’m excited and/or nervous. Yes, I am happy but not excited and certainly not nervous. I am sure I will be the closer we get to the wedding day, a bit of both too. I am just happy that it is coming together well.

V: Sounds great! I think you are doing great too. Not too stressed and not going over the edge as some brides begin to at this point. How is the 10-week fitness challenge going?

A: Not as well as it should. I have eliminated all but one soda a day, which is great! I was drinking three previously, but I am not hitting the gym or even working out at home as I should and could. I need to make it more of a priority and routine. I am bogged down with tasks on the weekend and feeling like it is too late at night after I get home from work. It is still dark out and cold. Not very motivating to say the least. I have also stopped eating all fast/fried foods for Lent so at least I am on track there.

V: I hear you. I have been good about the gym portion but the eating has me. This week I am determined to stop eating so much sugar and just keep up the gym portion. I think we can do it! We still have a month. Not all is lost! I will keep on you, if you keep on me.

We will check back with Ashley soon and if you have any tips for de-stressing during wedding planning or motivating tips for staying on track with the gym and getting healthy please feel free to share them with the rest of the readers!

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