Thursday, March 6, 2008

Featured Bride Ashley- Post-Shower

This past weekend was our featured bride, Ashley's Bridal Shower. To date her wedding is less than one month away. Planning is in full swing and the festivities have begun!

Vicky: OK, Ashley, let's talk Bridal Shower! What was your favorite part of the shower?

Ashley: My favorite part of the shower was having everyone there. The people invited were not all from the same "group" so it was nice to have everyone there and watch as they mingled.

Vicky: That's great! I can't think of any better way to do that. A mixed guest list is always a good idea. It helps people get to know one another before the big event. Did you help out with it at all or where you totally hands off?

Ashley: I offered as much help as possible but for the most part was hands off. I did help cut some of the croissants only becasue mom hadn't gotten to them and people would be arriving soon. I'm such a planner when it comes to a party that it was really odd that I didn't do much prep or cooking.

Vicky: I noticed you tackling those as I walked in. I'm glad you didn't do too much work. Did having the shower make the wedding date seem that much closer or real?

Ashley: Actually the shower did make the wedding seem real. With just about a month to go I'm finally getting excited about the whole wedding and not just individual parts.

Vicky: What did Brad (fiance) do while you were 'showering'?

Ashley: Brad and his dad went and had pizza and hung out at our house. Oz is such an animal person he loves to play with Tope (Ashley's dog) and Jasper (her cat) so they just hung out.

Vicky: Well I thought it was a success! Not too many games and the ones played helped to break the ice, familiarize people with you and everyone else and got people laughing. I think everyone had a good time!

*Photo by Victoria Mason, Ashley gets a domestic goddess gift from yours truly.

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