Friday, March 21, 2008

Cherry Blossoms Wedding

Okay, so there's at least one thing I like about living in the D.C. area: Cherry blossoms in springtime! Walking around the tidal basin under the cherry trees in bloom is so peaceful, even when it's crowded. The trees have such a calming effect on everyone.

And did you know you can get married under the cherry blossoms? According to the National Cherry Blossom Festival website:
Please call (202) 619-7225 and ask the Office of Park Programs/Permits Office to fax you a Public Gathering Permit application. The rule is that groups of people over 25 persons are required to have a permit. You will need to fill it out and fax it back to them at (202) 401-2430. This office will help you find a location for your event so that it does not interfere with other groups who already would have a permit.

If I weren't already married I may seriously consider this. Wouldn't it be beautiful and memorable?

(Photo from the Washington Post.)

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K. said...

Oh man, I'd been hoping to get married under cherry blossoms (imagine those delicate pink petals falling around you like snow as you take your vows...!). But I went to the festival this year, and there were way too many people around for the festival! I want my wedding to be peaceful and quiet... :-(