Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

Whenever I hear the term 'bridesmaid luncheon' I think of cakes stuffed full of trinkets, tea parties, flowing summer dresses and all manner of stuffy and entirely elegant moments. The Bridesmaid luncheon has been around for quite some time and I'm sure that back in the day fluffy frosted cakes, antiquated traditions and the desire to show off wedding presents was one of the reasons that these lunches were given. These days it is simply a way for the bride to say thank you to her friends for being part of her wedding. And sometimes for putting up with her.

Ashley, one of our featured brides, recently held her bridesmaid luncheon and it was a fun mid-day event that wasn't at all stuffy. She treated us all to a nice waterside lunch, gave us goody bags full of treats including a divine shawl to wear to her wedding and necklaces she made herself to match our bridesmaid dresses. It was touching, sweet and really quite lovely. No fuss, no muss.

Typically, these lunches are held one to two weeks before the wedding. It is a good time for out of town guests to meet each other too. The bride thanks her attendants, doles out any gifts she may have and basically spends a fun afternoon with 'her girls'. You know what else is great about this event? It is entirely optional. You don't have to throw it. Sure, if you have the time and spare cash - go for it! However, there should be no stressing out if this isn't your thing or you simply cannot find the time or coin to do so. A simple thank you note can also do the trick.

For some great ideas regarding a bridesmaid thank you fete as I've decided to call it visit the following sites-

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