Monday, April 23, 2007

Featured Bride Stephanie Dishes on New Developments and Bridal Stress

We've been a bit absent lately on the blog and for that we apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way and we become obsessed with the details. As any bride planning her wedding knows that can easily happen. I thought it was time to sit down and chat with Stephanie again and feature her once more. Let's see what she's been up to shall we?

Vicky: Have you mailed out those invitations yet?

Steph: They're going out today! We got them all assembled
last night.

V: Yeah! Next, is there one person who has really helped keep you
calm or level-headed throughout the process and why?

S: Mike. I think in his cluelessness about wedding
planning, he makes me realize how many details really
are unimportant, or not applicable to us. We're doing
this for us to have a great party, not to fit anyone
else's idea of what constitutes a wedding.

V: When you are about to tear out your hair and say
F' it to the whole wedding project is there something
you do that keeps you calm or motivated or that you
always do to take a break?

S: I've started a daily excercise class. It makes me too
tired to be stressed out. I also just think, we have
food, drinks, and a place to consume it all, so we've
got the basics taken care of.

V: Any other new developments?

S: Mike bought his tux. My mom's working on my dress. We
found the coolest guestbooks. We found a cake baker,
and the most delicous cake. I think we can relax for a
couple days now while we wait for RSVPs to start
coming in.

V: Fun! Lastly, do you have a secret wedding fantasy that you
think of when you get sick of your own plan?

S: Well, it would be nice if a long lost rich relative
surprised us with a destination wedding in New Zealand
or something like that.

V: I think I had a similar one like that when I got married. If only... tune in later for more news and fun stuff!

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Lauren said...

Yay! That is the same guestbook we're using! And some friends of ours had a similar guestbook a few years ago (but they had to *gasp* manually paste in the pictures), so we're going to borrow their Polaroid camera. Yay for cutting costs. (Although it would have been cool to own a Polaroid...)