Monday, April 16, 2007

One Perfect Day

If the wedding industry has any say in your wedding day, it's that it is the pinnacle of your life thus far, your shining moment, the "perfect" day. We, as women, and consumers in our culture, get caught up in this mess and to date this industry is bringing in $161 billion! When I heard this my heart stopped. $161 billion?!

Where did I get this heart stopping, cringe inducing information? From Rebecca Mead's new book, "One Perfect Day- The Selling of the American Wedding". While the book isn't out yet (May 2007), it is already causing waves. The Washington Post picked it up and ran a story on it a few weeks back and the book is being touted as one that exposes the heinous underbelly of the bridezilla culture. I, for one, am anxious to read a book that illustrates how we as women search like mad for that one perfect dress and give little thought to who actually made that dress and what they make per hour (30 cents in some countries). I'm curious to see how well this book does, and if it has any effect on the "bridal culture" we've created according to Mead.

I now feel slightly dirty and criminal having help to produce a wedding blog.

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LadyAsh said...

My People Magazine has a blurp about this novel by saying "Journalist Mead reveals the ever more inventive ways America's wedding industry parts brides from their money. You'll be tempted to cancel the caterer and elope." People also references a book entitled ALTARED, edited by Colleen Curran. It says "Darkly funny ruminations on getting hitched by authors like Amy Bloom, who calls weddings "almost totally irrelevant" to marriage. Hum - very interesting.