Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Wedding Favors

Favors, not thoroughly condoned here at Flaming Tulle (we feel they can be unnecessary items that just make you crazy and spend extra money), are never the less a booming industry all their own in the wedding world. In fact, there is a whole line of just holiday themed favors out there too. Here are just a few. We know it's late in the game for this holiday season but perhaps next year?

1. Make a CD of holiday music. You can buy Cd's in the holiday colors of your choosing or even order them from sites like this. You can design the music, covers and the actual CD. It's actually a not so horrible idea.

2. Snowflake guest soap anyone? Or how about coasters? Find them here.

3. Visit the Stocking Factory for custom ornaments and thank yous.

4. OK I just don't get this one. Best in Favors has a cheese grater? Call it 'One Grate Love'. That's um... cheesy.

5. Bells, tiny Menorahs, Snowmen and more can be cut out or put on the table in ornament and figurine form. Done.

6. Cookies, candy and truffles in bags or boxes in your holiday's colors can make the occasion and table favorable. No pun intended. OK maybe just a little bit.

7. Cookie cutters tied up with string. Or ribbon. Whatever. It's your choice and favor!

8. Votive candles can even be holidayized into favors for your wedding.

9. Go cheap and give people candy canes! They come in bulk right? Be really cheap and get the tiny ones that come in strings like banks give out. Ha!

10. Just forget favors all together and get this cake topper instead. It says it all.

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